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FARO® is the world’s most trusted source for 3D measurement, imaging and realization technology. The company develops and manufactures leading edge solutions that enable high-precision 3D capture, measurement and analysis across a variety of industries including manufacturing, construction, engineering and public safety.

FARO solutions offer unique value for the customers by:

  • Enabling faster, more accurate, compelling and useable 3D documentation
  • Accelerating execution timelines
  • Minimizing in field 3D documentation and measurement times
  • Shrinking margin impacting scrap and rework costs
  • Reducing development risk




IP Rating – Class 54 and Extensive Temperature Range
With the sealed design, the Focus devices are certified with the industry standard Ingress Protection (IP) Rating and classified in class 54 against environmental influences. In addition, scanning in challenging temperature conditions is possible due to an extensive temperature range.

On-site Compensation
With the on-site compensation functionality users can verify and adjust the Focus compensation on-site or in the office, ensuring the highest scan data quality. A comprehensive compensation document is automatically generated.

Integrated Accessory Bay
With this future-proof interface users can connect additional accessories to the scanner, which offers an option for user specific customization.

HDR Photo Overlay
With the Focus HDR functionality, challenging lighting situations will never subtract users’ scan results. Predefined HDR profiles increase the picture quality recorded in very bright or dark environments.

Lightweight and Small Size
Weighting only about 4.2 kg the Focus Laser Scanner is a truly mobile and portable


Applications of FARO 3D Laser Scanners



  • Façades inspection: 3D dimensional inspection of building shells and facade components before final assembly.
  • Scan-to-BIM: Delivering real world information into BIM models.
  • Built environment: Precise geometrical recording of existing properties as the basis for conversions or extensions.
  • Space optimization: By prior creation of 3D models.



  • Structural analysis and maintenance: Rapid and cost-effective control of the specified load-bearing capacity of supporting structures as well as wear and tear.
  • Construction progress monitoring: Seamless capture and monitoring of construction progress for legal and technical documentation.
  • Free-form components inspection: Precise dimensional check of complex components such as free-form shape elements.
  • Deformations control: Documentation of deformation processes and monitoring of countermeasures



Whether for restoration or scientific analysis purposes, for securing protected buildings or for virtual presentations of historical sites, the FARO Laser Scanner Focus devices offer the possibility of complete and detailed 3D documentation of historical structures and excavation sites. Thanks to its integrated color camera, photo-realistic 3D images can be created instantly.

  • Reconstruction: Detailed 3D data for reconstruction of lost appearance of components of historical sites or archeological objects.
  • Restoration: Creation of 3D models for restoring purposes preserving the original building substance without the necessity of scaffolding usage.
  • Conservation: Precise 3D CAD documentation for preservation and protection of historical/archeological material and inventory



  • Scanning of large or distant objects: Due to the extra long range of the Focus S350 all kinds of high, long or difficult to access objects can be easily scanned and analyzed.
  • Project supervision: Whenever there are excavations, bridges, towers, open-pit mines, roads, railways, reservoirs, pipelines to be built, there is a need for close monitoring of the individual project phases to meet the project’s requirements.
  • Deformation monitoring: Determining if the surveyed structure or object is changing shape or moving. Saves time and rework during construction.
  • Large volume calculation: When measuring loose material in bulk, e.g. in barges, silos or in warehouses, large volume determination on a regular basis is an important consideration. Laser scanning allows for fast, accurate and reliable dimensional calculations.
  • Quality control: Precise laser scanning ensures that the final as-built condition fit design intent and minimizes the chance of potential problems


  • Conversions and extensions: Precise 3D documentation of the current state of the property as the planning basis for conversions and extensions
  • Offsite production: Possibility of precise-fit off-site assembly, thanks to exact 3D CAD data and dimensional control
  • Asset management: Simplification of facility management, maintenance, training, etc. through comprehensive 3D master data, simulations and training in virtual reality
  • Improved coordination between different trades and comprehensive documentation and supervision of all work



  • Documentation: The Focus accurately records the inventory data that is needed by Facility Managers – be it the structural situation on a production plant or the building services equipment in an office block.
  • Planning of structural alterations: The scan data provides an accurate three-dimensional model of the actual status of the building. As a result, Facilities Managers can run through the usage options for rooms even before planning actually begins.
  • Replanning of technical modifications: Changes to technical equipment, such as pipes, air ducts and electrical supply lines, can be depicted and checked in advance in the virtual model. This offers a stable basis for replanning



  • Reverse engineering: Copies of products and components for which there are no construction plans and/or CAD data available
  • Interior fixtures and fittings: Precise 3D CAD documentation of complex interiors of ships, cars or aircrafts as a basis for planning of conversions
  • Manufacturing documentation: Complete 3D documentation of the manufacturing status of complex machine components
  • Quality control: Precise 3D documentation and dimensional inspection of large and complex components such as rotor blades, turbines, ship propellers, etc

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