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In today's world, design aspect of roads, perfection, accuracy and time factor plays important role in a project success. AutoRoads, a software solution developed by Infycons, automates and precise the steps involved in road design starting from the survey stage to project report preparation whether it is a N.H, S.H, Urban, Rural or Hill roads. AutoRoads inherits all the merits of AutoPlotter and Road Estimator and builds on the strength by providing a complete road design solution.



Salient Features

AutoRoads is capable of identifying and processing various formats of data whether it is collected from modern or conventional instruments or is available in drawing database.
AutoRoads has the capabilities to identify the survey coordinates and codes and prepare plan of the road considering the structures and obstacles, features like trees, electric poles, cross drainage structures etc.
AutoRoads has some powerful tool for data correction. User can utilize this tool to easily rectify survey data like zigzag lines, wrong crossings, elevation information, re-location of points, re-referencing of line order etc.
In AutoRoads, horizontal road design has been automized with interactive curve and transition insertion facility. Design checks are performed as per the guidelines and user can fix the alignment with just a couple of clicks. 
AutoRoads Vertical alignment design has powerful facility and flexibility. User also has provision to design the vertical curve at bridge and CD structure location as per the guidelines
Curve detail such as deflection angle, circular radius, curve start chainage, end chainage etc. can be instantaneously displayed on the plan using AutoRoads alignment detailing option 



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