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With ProLevel, you can now automate the level data collection process completely and create cross sections & profile immediately at site with ease. ProLevel is a real time saver when it comes to data recording with its inbuilt progressive offset system. ProLevel is also a man power saver when it comes to refixation work as user can cut down the number of visits to site to locate toes and other points with active toe calculation feature


Salient Features

- Facility to enter field level book data with benchmark,foresight, backsight, and intermediate sights.
- Automatic update of current cross section immediately after the reading is observed with a single click
  visualization on progress of survey.
- Dynamic editing of reduced levels and offset for correction with feature for auto-updation of staff height. 
- Map view with full range of zoom, pan options with facility to dynamically pan and zoom window. 
- Conditional criteria checking for maximum distance of staff from instrument station with warning. 
- Facility to define road template with FRL, width,side slope and camber/superelevation for autodetection and
  location of toe.
- Facility to define design layers for road with automatic recalculation of layers projected to side slopes. 
- Facility to trim and extend field layers and project the layers to original ground level Display of profile view with
  dynamic update based on survey. 
- Display of Field Book report with feature for benchmark shifting, offset shifting, editing and
  deleting of records.  
- Export of cross section and profile drawing to other drawing formats such as DXF. Direct import and  export facility with Road Estimator software.


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