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Move onto the new age of software solution in the road construction industry. Road Estimator, a robust application will ease up the process of section creation & quantity calculations. Road Estimator has been designed for auto-generation of cross sections from survey data with detailed earthwork quantity with utmost precision.


 Salient Features

:: Inbuilt CAD editor with import export facility to other popular drawing formats along with print preview and automatic printing for cross sections and profile.
:: Unlimited road templates for multilane, service roads etc. with complete integration for road elements such as drains, retaining walls, breast walls, gabions and user defined shapes such as trees, crash barriers, fence, pipes etc.
:: Auto-detection of existing road for overlay construction & auto-calculation of PCC (Profile Corrective Course) with multi-layer PCC support and depth based PCC application.
:: Chainage based specification for median, carriageway, shoulder, side slopes with berms and berm-top slope with automatic interpolation of slope & width for intermediate chainages.
:: Design and actual quantity calculation for RA bill preparation along with User configurable report and pre-formatted reports for scarification, dismantling, excavation, PCC, length, volume, area etc.
:: Design of vertical profile with target level calculation and design checks.
:: Completely customizable setting for cross section display with features like automatic legends, unlimited dimension sets, display of depth, camber, toe marker, grid etc. and user defined coordinate table.



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