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Surcon gives you the freedom to create map as you used to do using plane table, taking full advantage of the modern surveying instruments such as total station & GPS. You can use your theodolite, tacheometer, distomats, compass and chain measurements as well and prepare maps at site immediately with ease.

Surcon has been developed for land surveying and construction layout activities leveraging on the WindowsCE(TM) based powerful palmtops to create your maps at site.

Salient Features

Download & Upload of data to Total Station with raw data support for all popular manufacturers like Geodimeter(TM), Horizon(TM), Lieca(TM), Nikon(TM), Pentax(TM), Sokkia(TM), Topcon(TM) etc. along with delimited data types. 
Automatic creation of plan drawing after import based on feature code and library & Dynamic update of project based on raw file Map view with full range of zoom, pan options with facility to dynamically pan and zoom window
”Real time Graphics”- Points, lines and polygons appear on the screen as they are added. Add points, lines, polylines and polygons graphically in the map view with command line interface for coordinate entry (cartesian) or angle and distance entry (polar)
Layer control like desktop CAD software with features to switch layer, point number, description. 


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