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imajbox® is a all-in-one portable mobile mapping system sized to perform high speed data collection for transportation infrastructures asset management - railways, roadways, waterways and utilities. Compact, standalone and ready-to-use, imajbox® can be installed on or inside any vehicle - car, truck, locomotive cab, tramways, quad, boat - without disturbing the driver, and is controlled via Wi-Fi
Adapted to large networks, imajbox® can cover from few kilometers to hundreds of thousands and is adapted to small projects as well as nationwide projects. imajbox® gives the means to survey up-to-date data as needed. imajbox® data can be processed and used in imajing 3D pro and imajview® software suite for GIS data production.


The system weighs 1kg and includes : camera, GNSS receiver, IMU and battery.
Composed of an aluminum housing, protected optics.
Imajbox® is adapted to outdoor or indoor mounting thanks to three articulated succion pads.
Can be oriented towards any direction.
Neither cabling nor calibration is necessary
Internal battery : 4h30
Can also be connected to external power supply.
5 possible versions available to answer user needs :
imajbox® L, imajbox® S and imajbox® T, Twin S, Twin T.
Imajing IMU
DX2 is the second generation of imajing mems IMU. It combines accuracy, repeatability and robustness.
Its factory calibration enables a compensated temperature drift from -40°C to +70°C, a controlled drift and a regular auto-recalibration. It is combined with inhouse image flow tracking technology. DX3 is an improved version of DX2 IMU with filtering model adapted to the specific dynamic of trains and boats.
Image processing
imajbox® has a 82° high quality optic with factory calibrated lens to remove optical distortion in photogrammetry. imajbox® Optimaj image processing automatically renders in all daily conditions of light and speed:
Natural colors
Deep depth of field
Sharp and detailed images


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