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Imajview® is a photogrammetric software suite developed to extract GIS data from imajbox® surveys. imajview® synchronizes field images with any map content. An integrated photogrammetric tool enables to extract 3D coordinates and qualify objects with a customizable GIS data model. imajview provides flexibility and efficiency for any GIS project.

Field viewing tool
Navigate into surveys. Search by coordinates or LRS.
Import and overlap existing GIS data layers with map background and field surveys.
Get a clear and comfortable cartographic representation. Perform 3D measurements with a photogrammetric tool.
Production and Edition tool
Digitize the environment.
Edit topology of vector layers, either in the imajview® GIS part or directly in images with a photogrammetric tool.
Edit and create GIS layers from images or map.
Qualify, measure and position objects in 3D within images.
Create and navigate into the Linear Referencing System (kilometric post+distance).



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